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Once upon a time...

In the cold autumn ‘93, two friends met on a fishing trip in the Oslo Fjord. They have decided to create a company that will become a bridge between the Norwegian and Russian maritime business. One of them was called Knut Hartmann. Later on, North East Maritime Corporation (NEMC) has involved a group of Norwegian shipping companies, among which was well known Belships ASA, with the full support and help of Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of its foundation was to provide various services to foreign clients, operating in Russia in the field of maritime transport. At the same time, NEMC Oslo opened their office in Murmansk for the future branch office registration.

In 1996

Belships ASA bought out shares of other founders from NEMC Oslo and started activity in the port of Murmansk and in port of Saint Petersburg afterwards. In order to completely legalise NEMC activity in Russia, General Director, Einar Skogstad decided to register the Russian branch in Murmansk where his Russian representative, Alexander Plaksunov became a founder. It should be noted that the Agency and Survey production risks of the enterprise were insured in Shipowner Defense Club. In the same 1996, according to the certain agreement between NEMC Oslo and NEMC Murmansk, the Murmansk branch of the company was registered and became an independent enterprise with 100% Russian capital, retaining its former name, which was already well known in maritime business.

Principal activities of the Russian branches

At that time they were providing survey services to determine the amount and quality of the loaded/unloaded cargo, transported by marine vessels, as well as cleaning of the exported aluminium from technological asbestos and radiation monitoring of the cargo. The main clients of the branches were such major Norwegian companies, as Norsk Hydro, Elkem, Western Bulk Carriers. All these years, as NEMC was expanding its activities, it gave birth to relative companies such as Port Logistic, Port Master, Port Service that are involved in port’s forwarding, port’s logistics, wagon car repairs, loading optimization of various types of coal.

In 2014

NEMC Laboratory, certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, was founded and put into operation. The Laboratory is qualified to determine the characteristics of cargo properties for safe sea transportation, such as moisture content, stowage factor, angle of repose, temperature in stockpile. Besides, quality indicators of coals and oil products like calorific value, ash and sulfur content, kinematic viscosity are tested, and sieve analysis is performed. All the work and tests are carried out in strict compliance with International rules and regulations.

In 2019

The laboratory has expanded its range of services, including full analysis of chemicals and bunker fuel such as MGO, IFO, Lube oil, etc. Furthermore, the NEMC laboratory is ready to test bulk cargo samples such as iron ore, coal and other bulk cargoes.


Agency service of Russian and foreign vessels

Ship agents take over the job of vessels maintenance, quickly solving different kinds of problems with the border, customs, sanitary services, with the Port Authorities, with stevedoring companies, ship owners, charterers, shippers, thereby leading to well-timed or ahead-of-schedule completion of loading and vessels processing.

All ship agents are highly qualified experienced navigators, fluent in English.

Import/Export Freight Forwarding

Forwarders enterprises oversee export cargo of its customers since its shipment to the manufacturer the loading on board the vessel, keep records of the goods in warehouses port, monitor the condition of the goods during the period of storage in the port, make out all the necessary shipping documents in accordance with the instructions of cargo, etc. etc.

Freight forwarders have experience in the port and on ships and are highly qualified.

Providing a wide range of survey services to maritime transport

Surveyors Ltd. "The images" perform various types of work, such as determining the amount of cargo loaded or discharged by vessel draft (draft surveys), the calculation of the amount of fuel on board, the state of the cargo spaces of ships, etc.

Provision of services for the inspection of goods

Taking into account that many importers are faced with issues of quality goods at the port of discharge, with extensive experience and close cooperation established between LLC "The images" - stevedoring company and the railway administration, our highly skilled professionals engaged in quality control (inspection) of cargo will allow you to avoid these problems during unloading and delivery of the goods. Served spectrum of goods is very wide, it is as dry bulk cargo shipped through the port of Murmansk, and petroleum products, and scrap gengruzy.

Our partners

Murmansk Commercial Sea Port Partners МАСКО Golden Ocean Group Ltd. Green House Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Swiss Marine Cargill International Norden A/S Port Logistic Port Service


We will provide wide range of scientific and technical services which are essential for the secure and effective operations of the fleet meeting ISM Code requirements

NEMC Ltd. has put into operation testing laboratory in Murmansk which was established in 2014. Our primary objective is to provide scientific and technical services to transport and industrial organizations, compromising in carrying out the following:

  • Laboratory testing of bulk cargo quality, petroleum products, lubricating oils, foaming agents, freon, boiler and cooling water for internal combustion engines
  • Technical recommendations and specialized support of clientele
  • High-quality examinations
  • Responsible storage of tested samples (making them available in case of claims, if any)

The analytical and testing "Nord East Maritime Corporation" laboratory is one of the leading organizations in the field, which has the recognition of the Maritime Register of the Russian Federation in 2020 and confirmed by annual surveys.

The appendix to the certificate of recognition contains data on the tested products, types of tests and determined characteristics according to the relevant standards of Russia, ASTM and ISO. The reliability of the analysis (test) results and their interpretation is provided by the current Quality Manual with considering requirements of the Quality Management System according to ISO / IEC 17025; 2005, in accordance with which the requirements of the consumer of services (Customer) are equal in importance to legal and technical requirements for the quality of tests.

Analytical laboratories are centers for product testing and quality control

Oil producing and refining companies use the most advanced laboratory technology and highly trained personnel, as well as a wide range of international testing standards. Here is the list of services our laboratory is ready to provide in analytical field:

  • Wide range of tests - from oil to heavy residues
  • 24/7 service delivery for immediate results
  • Residual boiler fuels, incl. according to ISO 8217
  • Heating oil; diesel fuel
  • Base and other types of oils
  • Mixtures of petroleum products
  • Analysis of other technical environments
  • Physical and chemical measurements and test of solid mineral fuels such as coal and products of its processing

All work and tests are carried out in strict accordance with the established requirements of state, industry regulations and international norms and rules.

Emphasizing on great importance of high quality of our work, we want to welcome you in NEMC laboratory


We kindly want draw your attention that our laboratory is situated in the nearest location of the Murmansk port area which makes it possible to collect samples and conduct all required tests with soonest time possible.


We believe it is the most essential part of our organization. We have high-professional specialists with higher education who have huge experience working in state-owned enterprises related to Maritime activities. We are deeply sure the correct issuing of sampling protocol is great important and fully realize our responsibility.


NEMC laboratory is equipped with modern, automated equipment from world known manufacturers, which allows high-precision research. In addition, all equipment is certified and is regularly checked and calibrated. The laboratory has a wide range of different reagents and consumables; therefore we exclude any time delays for conducting required laboratory tests.

Our team is well equipped to settle any doubts regarding quality of goods

In case of any controversy about the petroleum products quality, often our customers require arbitral services. NEMC laboratory is specialized and always ready to provide arbitration testing to you in order to fullfill these requirements. Our professionals will assist you in resolving the situation, based on reliably established facts


Our staff invites you to cooperation and will be happy to help you grow your business in Murmansk Commercial Seaport

Murmansk Sea Commercial Port consists of three cargo terminals. Also there are two stevedore companies JSC “Agrosfera” and JSC “Murmansk Alumina Terminal” on territory of Murmansk Sea Commercial Port. Port works around-the-clock.

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